Saturday, April 19, 2014

liminal: a novella by Natasha Alvarez

Formally announcing liminal: a novella by Natasha Alvarez (of The Year of Black Clothing: in mourning, in solidarity, in rebellion). This is a crushingly captivating journey into love and responsibility in the age of decline. It needs to see the light of day.
Please help us share this so that the novella and possibly future works from Black and Green Press can see the light of day.
The funding is set to go for 30 days and then the novella will be sent to the press. Ideally looking at having this out mid-July.

"Her novella reaches way down deep. Amazing, uniquely powerful, a heart's deepest cry and a heart in battle. Blew me away." - John Zerzan

Indie Go Go campaign for liminal.

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