liminal update! Next B&G Press project underway!!

liminal, the new novella from Natasha Alvarez is funded, but we're still using the Indiegogo campaign for taking pre-orders. Thanks to some excellent donations, we were able to bring the price down, so it is now $6 (plus shipping). 
And it is excellent. Don't just take my (fore)word for it, check out the sample on the Indiegogo site. There are about two weeks left on the campaign, but the book is going to the press next week. 

And the next one is a WAY overdue project, my Field Guide to Anarcho-Primitivism. Part Primer, part FAQ, and more. An formal introduction and far more to AP in an easy to digest and access size. Sick of your Syndicalist friends calling you a genocide cheerleader? Time to breathe easy.
The goal is to get as much into this as possible and being an easy to carry and distribute size, and hopefully with the way the funding has been going for liminal, the hope is to be able to distribute this with a very, very low price.
More info to come. Check the Black and Green facebook page for updates and try and sneak in a burning question or two while you still can.
Looking to have this out by mid/late summer.


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