Funding for Black and Green Press provided by... you?

So I've just launched a multipurpose funding campaign for B&G Press. The scope of this campaign is to get funds, preorders subscriptions, and bulk orders for my upcoming book, Roots: A Field Guide to Anarcho-Primitivism, and our new magazine, Black and Green Review.
There are a lot of killer ideas being pushed around and increasing potential to see a number of B&G Press titles out this year. Help us make it happen.
Please share this widely, we've got a lot of funds to gather and some awesome publications to sign on for.
International folks, hold tight, I'm working on figuring out appropriate international rates for mailing.

Indie Go Go campaign to fund B&G Press.

Want to hear more about Black and Green Review? Check out the latest Free Radical Radio where I called in to talk at length about the scope of the project, its aim, focus, format, and context.
Check it out by clicking this.


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