Black and Green Forum

The Facebook page is officially no longer being updated directly. This page auto-feeds onto it, but that's that. But in the hopes to keep conversations going and avoiding the pitfalls of facebook's bullshit and hearing what ingenious idea your cousin has chosen to chime in over the merits of civilization, I'm giving the forums a go again.
So this is where it's going down:
If something better ends up opening up, then it'll be checked out, but the format seems easy enough and the free price tag is dead on. It does have normal forum bullshit, but it is free.
This is a moderated forum, so don't be a schmuck or you'll be banned. See the general read me post. I couldn't care less what name you use, just so long as you stick to one. Also, the forum does require M/F gender in the registration, I'll see what I can do to nix that, but in the meantime, click whatever and then just hit the "hide" button and that won't show.


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