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Excited to be announcing that our newest title, Fredy Perlman's Anything Can Happen (BG09), is nearly press bound. It's an honor and a privilege to have worked with Lorraine Perlman on the revised edition of this 1992 Phoenix Press collection. Few have had as much impact on radical, anarchist, and anti-civilization thought than Fredy. These essays, written between 1968-1984, chart Fredy's Situationist awakenings, ecological awareness, and culminating in some of the most fiery condemnations of civilization ever written. As nationalist fervor and xenophobic zeal creep eerily close to center stage, these essays only increase with their vitalness and crucial insights.
168 pages, printed on recycled paper.
Introduction by Kevin Tucker
Anticipated ship date: late July/early August 2017.
We're taking pre-orders now on the Black and Green Review webstore.
Wholesalers, tablers, distros, and bookshops, please email blackandgreenpress [a) gmail

Black and Green Review no 5 updates!
The deadline is coming closer for no 5: July 15, 2017. Looking at a late summer/early fall release.
If you're interested in submitting essays, reviews, discussion pieces, primal war parts, or anything else, please check the submissions page on the BAGR site: click here.

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