Updates: new and upcoming books!

Good bit of news to share.

Black and Green Review no 5

First off, Black and Green Review no 5 is currently at the press and in production. 
     We went a bit later than expected, but we went big: 280 pages this time around. I'm really proud of this issue and we have some great content. There's more information on the content on the BAGR site and you can read the Opening Editorial here
     Expected ship date is mid-late January. In the meantime, we're taking pre-orders over at the BAGR site. $12 shipped within the US. A lot of journal for the cost. 
     The pre-orders do help us a ton. I know waiting can be a pain in the ass, but nearly all of our costs are up front, we're in debt well before the books actually show up, so the more we can cover those costs immediately, the more books we can put out. 

Gathered Remains: Kevin Tucker

Next up, my second collection of essays, Gathered Remains. This one is a beast: 344 pages. Contains all the essays that I've been wrecking myself over the past few years and I'm happy to have them in one place. Hopefully you will be too. This is ready to go, but a few steps left in the process to figure out the timeline, more information coming soon. 
Preface by John Zerzan.

Anything Can Happen: Fredy Perlman

In case you missed it, this is our newest title currently available. It's a total honor to put this collection of Fredy's pivotal essays back in print (last run was by Freedom Press in 1992) and we worked closely with Lorraine Perlman to make sure that everything was right. Finally corrected some decades old typos and errors in the process. 
     This is one you definitely don't want to miss. You can purchase this book here

Going forward...

There are always a lot of ideas in the works and various unannounced projects/ideas that may quickly take form over others. My own work is the easiest to be more public about and there's a lot more coming in 2018. For Wildness and Anarchy will be getting a revised second edition. I'm deep into another book called Of Gods and Country: the Domestication of our World which should be completed sooner than later. There's a handful more in various states as well, so if you're looking for more on what I'm working on, best place to find that is on my personal website: kevintucker.org

The best way to stay on top of everything is to sign up for the mailing list, which you can do by clicking here. The Black and Green Review site gets updates a bit more often than this one. 
     As always, Black & Green is an expensive endeavor. Any help we can get in the form of donations is absolutely appreciated and massively helpful. If you have Paypal, you can make donations through this link. Otherwise, the most important thing is to spread the word. Get off social media, read a book, have a discussion, go wild. 


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